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Don't Forget to...

1. Bring all apparel freshly laundered, on hangers, rack ready. Accessories may arrive in bags.

2. Determine whether you would like to donate your no-thank-you's.

3. Understand items that are not sold by the end of the season will become property of the store.

Read & download our complete policy here. 

* If you have additional information to provide, please call the store.

Make an Appointment!

Select a time

We look forward to seeing you!

Please note that appointments are not confirmed until you have received an email from the store. If we are not able to accommodate your desired time, we will work with you and reschedule you.

Please look at our decision matrix below for a step-by-step guide to your closet cleaning. After reading through our consignment policy, feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

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